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American Baby Customs That We Love

Over the years we have absorbed a fair few of our North American cousins’ more popular traditions including Halloween, proms and engagement parties. We have shown equal love for some of the cute baby traditions that they have come up with too and have now embraced them as our own. A new baby is always cause to celebrate so any tradition that adds extra weight to the happy event is more than welcome in our books.

Especially in the last 5 to 10 years we have seen a big uptake of people celebrating the following baby customs and in fact they have quickly become normal especially for parents who are expecting for the first time. Whether you are fan of these, haven’t heard of them or think they are a bit over the top, one thing for sure is that these customs look set to stay so it’s a good idea to keep on top of them. Find out in this article our favourite baby customs that have made it here.

Baby Showers

We of course have to start with the baby shower which is a celebration that is really commonplace in the UK now especially when it is the first child. It is actually a really charming custom which is probably part of the reason as to why it has caught on in such a big way here. Not only is a great chance mums to be to see their friends and be pampered before the big arrival, but it is also a good way to provide practical gifts for the family and baby. Themed baby parties around the sex of the baby are popular and it is a lovely way to shower the expectant mother with gifts whilst enjoying time together with good food and even party games.

Nappy Cake

Known as a diaper cake across the pond, a nappy cake is basically a stack of nappies that has been primped and arranged into the shape of a tiered cake. Decorated with ribbons and often topped with a cuddly toy, this is an increasingly popular centrepiece for a baby shower. Providing the parents with some of the nappies that they will definitely need, this is a fun gift that will always be welcome and a great way to help them prepare for the newborn.

Gender Reveal Parties

This is a newer celebration on the block that has become fun and popular way to reveal the gender of your forthcoming arrival to the world. Basically your friends and family can gather for a fun little party with food and drink as you let them know the sex in a creative way. Common methods include a white iced cake which when cut by the couple will reveal either a pink or blue sponge, or a piñata filled with pink or blue sweets accordingly. The charm of gender reveal parties is not only the excitement surrounding them, but also the fact that it lets you tell all of those close to you at the same time, ensuring that nobody gets left out.

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