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Nursery Décor Ideas

Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Instagram it is now easier than ever to seek inspiration in pretty much all aspects of life including home décor. From bedrooms to kitchens, the amount of ideas is incredible and it is the same when it comes to baby nurseries. If you are expecting or have even recently moved and want to decorate your nursery to make it lovely as possible for tot, then it has never been easy to achieve a style that you like.

Obviously there are always some rules to go by when it comes to a nursery even before you start to decorate. Safety as always has to be the biggest concern; for example, make sure that your windows are kept well-secured at all times. Also check there are no sharp corners anywhere and secure the door so little fingers can’t slammed in it. In older houses it is a good idea to completely strip the paint since lead paint could have been used in the past too. Making a nursery safe is basically common sense really. And now onto the fun bit of fun nursery décor ideas!

Wall Murals

Wall murals in nurseries are nothing new and are a great way to spice up the walls and add a bit of interest. If you are artistic or know somebody that is then you can pick up a paint brush and start your own designs. If not, why not take advantage of wall stencils and decal to create that individual look that you’re going for. We love that in the image above the mural is brought to life with some 3D décor, so consider incorporating this type of thing into your décor too. With murals is best to make one wall the focus and keep the others more simple; white and neutral colours like pale pastels make for the best painting canvas.

All White

Regardless of gender, white is the ultimate classic colour when it comes to babies especially in regards to clothing and nursery décor. Achieving pure white look to your nursery is really simple too since you don’t have to worry about clashing colours and there are plenty of white décor things out there on the market. Aside from looking timelessly elegant, white nursery décor is also great in the fact that you can easily gauge its cleanliness and therefore will be more easily able to stay on top on spills and stains.

Woodland Theme

If you like the idea of theming the nursery then you couldn’t beat choosing a woodland motif. Featuring animals and plants from their natural environment it is a great way to stimulate your child with bright scenes which they’ll be able to see and note in nature when they’re older. Think squirrels, hedgehogs, trees, and other common flora and fauna. This is a supremely popular nursery theme, but there are distinct advantages thanks to this popularity. For example it is really easy to get hold of nursery-appropriate items in this theme which makes it easier to stick to a budget, and you can get to use a fun colour palette too!

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